New Norcia Australia’s Only Monastic Town

“I’m disappointed by those are motivated to change the date of Australia Day, in order to take a day that unites Australia and Australians and turn it into one that would divide us.” Aboriginals, whose cultures stretch back tens of thousands of years replicate British arrived, remain the most disadvantaged Australians, with higher rates of poverty, illhealth and imprisonment than every other community in the country. They were believed to have numbered around one million at the time of British settlement, but now make up only about of the total national population of million meaning there are now fewer Aboriginals than when the actual Britons arrived.

Australia day is celebrated across the county, with picnics, traditional Aboriginal performances and citizenship ceremonies, where close to new Australians pledged their commitment into the nation on Friday. A recent poll suggested most Australians were laid back regarding their national day, and most people do not know why it is held on January . The survey of Australians by the Australia Institute found that just over half of respondents did not mind when the day was celebrated.

Increased momentum around changing the date of Australia Day reflects a growing sense that January is symbolic of the Australia we used to be, not the Australia we hope to become. Recent moves to promote changing the date of our national day are informed by the fact that many Australians both Indigenous and nonIndigenous feel they cannot celebrate on January, because that date marks the commencement of a long story of dispossession and trauma for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.